Will this TOP NEWS be the next PRICE ROCKET? US market entry and multiplication of production output!

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Entering the US market leads the company into a new league!

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Strategically perfect manufacturing facility found in California

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Multiplication of production capacities

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We recently introduced you to the Very Good Food Company Inc. (NYSE: VERY), an interesting company from the food industry!

The company focuses on the development, production and sale of meat substitute products based on plants – a multi-billion market!

Greetings from the course and the rapid growth rates of Beyond Meat! Your advantage: Very Good Food Company shares are still very cheap, especially after the most recent IPO!

Nobody has enormous sales growth for the coming years on the list and is therefore not yet priced into the share price! Whoever strikes here promptly can earn real money!

The latest MELDUNG surprised everyone because even we would not have thought possible that one could gain a foothold in the US mega-market so quickly!

The company is expanding at an incredible pace! If the share price can only partially follow in the coming months, then the shareholders can cheer!

The Very Good Food Company Inc. (WKN: A2P7NJ; CA ticker: VERY)

Already around three weeks ago, the company announced a massive expansion of production capacities in its already fully utilized production facility in Victoria, BC.

Given the huge demand for the products and the current order backlog. Capacity due to increasing from around £ 8,100 per week to up to £ 19,841 per week in the next few months.

But that’s just a fly shit compared to the 2nd location in the home market of Canada, which is to be built in Vancouver next year with multiple capacities compared to the branch in Victoria and then the additional capacity for up to 60 million CAD sales p.a. Enables!

This is extremely important in that this market is all about making sufficient capacity available as quickly as possible!

Source: The Very Good Food Company

US market entry catapults the company into a new dimension!

Hold on tight, yesterday the company announced it had agreed to rent 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space at a fully expanded food production facility in Patterson, California. The facility only needs minimal renovation as it already contains important food production facilities such as refrigerators and freezers.

As soon as the first 25,000 square meters after a ramp-up phase is in a maximum production volume of 550,000 (!!!) pounds per week is expected to meet the demand in the booming US market.

The company also receives a right of first refusal for an additional 25,000 square meters in the same building. Within the entire complex, the company has more than 500,000 square meters of storage space for cold storage whith expand of the company.

The system is strategically located on the same property as one of the logistics service providers so that the product can be brought to the delivery station using a short-haul forklift with minimal costs.

The facility located on important shipping routes for ground transport to wholesale customers and close to important suppliers. You don’t have to be a clairvoyant that this fact will ultimately drive profit margins for Very Good Food Company Inc. (NYSE: VERY) even higher!

Click here for the press release:

https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/the-very-good-food-company-a …

Accordingly, and rightly euphoric, CEO Mitchell Scott comments:

“Having closed our oversubscribed financing earlier this month, we can now accelerate our expansion into the US market.

The new plant in California is more than twice the size of our future plant in Vancouver and can achieve a significantly larger production volume.

Given the strong demand we currently have for our products, it was crucial to find a facility that was up and running quickly. The fact that it is on the doorstep of a major logistics partner made this location an excellent addition. “

Large product line already at over 150 retailers and restaurants

Expansion of the logistics network! It’s extremely fast!

The products under the name “Very Good Butcher” are already on the shelves of over 150 retailers.

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