Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Kleding, Schoenen En Accessoires

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Kleding, Schoenen En Accessoires

Rocking camo pants with shaggy hair at the airport a couple of days ago, Shah Rukh Khan seemed to be channelling his inner sophomore heading back to college in the US after an extended winter break. SRKhas been a Golden Goose loyalist for months — rocking them during interviews and in casual boomerang videos. We’re particularly smitten with engaging power suit in flamingo pink – a fresh rework of an iconic style staple. Now I’m sure everyone is thinking, Who would pay that much for even a shirt, much less a pair of beat up sneakers?” The Golden Goose shoes are designed in Venice by a pair of men and local suppliers.

Since 2000, designers Francesca and Alessandro Gallo have pushed the boundaries of urban street wear with Golden Goose sneakers Using re-purposed vintage materials and fine Italian craftsmanship from the Venetian region, each pair shows originality while acknowledging that the best shoes are those that have been worn and loved.

According to Golden Goose, the purposely-lived-in-looking shoes, handmade in Venice by shoemakers who use fine materials, conveys a sense of effortless luxury and expresses the variety of personal experiences of those choosing the label’s creations, also exalts the exclusive craftsmanship behind the brand.” Golden Goose maintains that constant product requests, which cannot be totally accommodated by the company,” are a testament to the brand’s success.

The duct-tape reinforcements appearing on the Distressed Superstar Sneakers style pay homage to the West Coast’s skater culture — professional skaters, who inspired the brand’s shoe collections from the beginning, use to repair their shoes with the same kind of tape,” the statement continued.

But the success of Golden Goose was not just because of its designs, but its timing. Distressed leather Golden Goose sneakers accented with a glittering star and heel cap. Of course, that’s nothing new, but with Golden Goose’s Italian roots comes a heap of sophistication and style.

These days, Golden Goose rules the artisanal-cool flock from its hometown of Venice, the geographic intersection of travel, curiosity and contamination of many cultures through aesthetics,” as Presca put its – values Rinaldo and Gallo have always advocated.